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“ Upcoming Edition ”

09 SEP 2024

Call for applications

Duration 31 weeks, full-time

Language English

Format On campus

Place Lisbon

 Scholarship Merit award

business administration testimony

I chose this University because of its employability rate and its amazing syllabus. Lisbon offers a lot of fun, one needs the right type of University to balance fun with the business world. CLSBE is the best combination of professionalism with a dab of warmth and attention every young adult needs to become an asset to society.

Why this program?

The International Bachelor in Business Administration is an innovative, international program that will help you develop the necessary business acumen to pursue a successful career as an entrepreneur, or in a multinational organization. We provide a diverse, dynamic, well-connected environment where you will learn from industry experts as you prepare to launch a global career in business. This prestigious program, designed by a top-ranked Business School (accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS), seeks to create a new generation of business professionals ready to lead international organizations.

This bachelor’s degree is taught using a unique methodology that combines (a) Fundamentals that will provide you an in-depth understanding of the principles that underpin business dynamics, (b) Broadening Options that allow you to choose courses from a wide range of areas and subjects to explore the world beyond business, and (c) Practicals to help you apply what you learn to real-world cases and scenarios to ensure your academic journey develops smoothly.

With The International Bachelor in Business Administration I will challenge myself to explore creative approaches and new ways of thinking. / I will be immersed in an international environment, opening me up to the transformative power of a multicultural setting. / I will experiment with my entrepreneurial skills by working on business plans and startup projects. / Studying the humanities will help me understand the world around me and develop the skills to maneuver within that world. / By learning and experimenting with the latest technologies, I will be at the vanguard of the digital world, positioning myself to become a successful international business professional. / I will find the perfect balance between academic learning and real-life business practice. / I will monitor my own performance through a personalized dashboard which provides me with an overview of my learning journey as I progress as a business student. / I will benefit from the The Corporate Mentorship Program, which creates opportunities for me to build relationships with senior level business professionals (volunteer mentors) from various industries, and conditions for me to work on specific skills, find the career path that motivates me, and learn about business functions and industries directly from the people who are already there.


I n t e r n a t i o n a l T r i - S c h o o l E x c h a n g e

In 3d year, you will embark on an enriching international experience by spending one or two semesters in a European partner school and another one in partner school located in a different continent.


D o u b l e D e g r e e P r o g r a m s

A single international bachelor that grants you two different bachelor diplomas, which are highly valued by recruiting companies when the time comes to enter the labor market.

Grenoble Ecole de management is TOP36 European Business School according to the Financial Times ranking 2021.

The University of San Diego is named the Best Business School in California for Undergraduate students, according to the Poets & Quants for Undergrads 2021 ranking.

Learning by design

| Every academic program has been designed to provide clear and ambitious learning outcomes. These learning outcomes give you an understanding of what you will be able to do at the end of the course. We develop each academic program by designing modules that grow your abilities towards the learning outcomes and help you to explain what you can offer to employers. Find out more about our approach to teaching and learning.

Students who complete this degree will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of the organization, its functions, and the context of business leading to a multifaceted appreciation of marketing and other management disciplines.
  • Explore the strategic and operational processes by which management plans and coordinates the use of resources with the general objective of securing or maintaining competitive advantage.
  • Examine the emergence of the global economy and multinational firms, using various theoretical approaches (economic management, international relations and geo-political).
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills in business related situations and employ empirical approaches to planning and decision-making using quantitative reporting mechanisms.
  • Apply technology to enable business growth, development and sustainability.
  • Demonstrate written and oral skills appropriate for business communication.

Who is it for?

Our students value learning and teamwork, with a spirit of helping others and solidarity, which allows them to achieve their goals for academic and professional development, but also personal development.

New bachelor’s degree students know they are becoming part of an ambitious, supportive student body of high academic merit – with over half the students receiving Merit Scholarships based on their averages for admittance to higher education – and where, above all, the faculty and its community are dedicated to guaranteeing the greatest future success to each one of the students, with extremely high levels of employability at international level.

Our Bachelor in Business Administration is aimed at students who have recently completed high school, with an average age of 18, and that have an international mindset, are ambitious and determined, fluent in English, with excellent academic performance and who want to develop an international career.

Many of your classmates have already had international experiences and represent different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.


Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics | CLSBE is ranked among the 30 best Business Schools in Europe according to the Financial Times rankings. Consistently ranked a Top European Business School it has been a long time reference for educational institutions and companies, as well as for independent organisations, that recognize the excellence and relevance of the work developed by the school empowering new generations to take a decisive role in the business world and in society in general.

CLSBE is among the elite group of schools holding the coveted Triple Crown status.

Only 1% of Business Schools worldwide are accredited by the three most prestigious management education accreditation agencies (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS), certifying that CLSBE programs are of the highest quality and in line with the most stringent international standards.

Financial Times Rankings

These prestigious rankings represent the international recognition of our programs’ academic excellence ensuring that they meet the most demanding international standards.

CLSBE has been consistently ranked at the Top Business Schools by the Financial Times since 2008, and was ranked #29 in the most recent European rankings.

This FT European Business School Ranking, being based on the combined performance of the schools across the five most important FT rankings (MBA, Executive MBA, Masters in Management, Open Executive Education programs and Custom Executive Education programs), is an assessment of the global quality of the school.

#29 Business School in Europe;
#23 Master in Finance worldwide (#20 in Europe);
#45 Master in Management worldwide (#38 in Europe);
Top 50 Executive Education worldwide (Top 25 in Europe);
#24 best in Europe – The Lisbon MBA.


| Learn in Action is a personal development program aimed at deepening practice through trainings dedicated to essential skills required in the job market and the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities including internships, volunteering, and even entrepreneurial projects that will generate richer resumes and smarter individuals. The program also includes extremely thorough preparation for recruitment processes.

  • Mathematics for Business & Economics
  • Foundations of Microeconomics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Foundations of Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Learn in Action Program


  • Mathematics II
  • Foundations of Macroeconomics
  • Statistics for Business and Economics
  • Economics and Business Law
  • Christianity & Culture
  • Learn in Action Program
  • Finance I
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Data Modelling
  • Learn in Action Program


  • International Management
  • Operations Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Applied Data Analytics
  • Learn in Action Program


  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • International Business Strategy
  • Elective Courses and Exchange Program or Double Degree


  • Applied Data Science: Data Visualization & Machine Learning
  • Data Management Tools
  • Behavioral Economics: Understanding and Shaping Irrational Behaviors
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Market Regulation
  • Sports Economics
  • International Economics
  • Open Economy Macroeconomics
  • Applied Economics
  • Bank Management
  • Capital Markets and Institutions
  • Financial and Tax Management of SMEs
  • International Corporate Finance
  • Development Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Economic Globalization
  • The Political Economy of European Integration
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Corporate Social Responsability and Purpose Driven Consumption
  • Marketing in the New Era
  • Product and Customer Management
  • Sales Teams Management
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategy, Organizations and Leadership
  • Applied Problem-Solving Techniques for Business Decision Making
  • Business Case-Study Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
  • International Relations
  • Political Science

Career outcomes


Management Consultant / Financial Manager / Entrepreneur / Marketing manager / Logistics Manager / Account Manager / Corporate Officer / Human Resource Manager / Operations Director / Supply Chain Director

With a Bachelor in business administration you have a broad, flexible and attractive degree that opens up to many different career opportunities.

Placement by Sector

With 96% employability rate the most influential companies recruit CLSBE graduates.

* Data published in 2021 by the Ministry of Higher Education.

TOP Employers

McKinsey / Goldman Sachs / European Investment Bank / KPMG / EY / Philip Morris International / L’OREAL / CITI Bank / UNILEVER / Neyond / BNP Parisbas / Vodafone / Altran / SONAE / Deutsche Bank / EDP / Procter & Gamble / Santander Totta

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Ready to start

your journey?

All students who fulfill the mandatory requirements, according to one of the following conditions:

If you are a current Secondary Education Student

Diploma Statement + Transcript of Records | English Certification + Personal Statement + CV

If you have completed your Secondary Education

Official Certificate of Secondary Education with final grades + Official Certificate of Final Examinations with grades | English Certification + Personal Statement + CV

We welcome applicants without traditional entry qualifications as we base decisions on our own assessment of qualifications (download assessment here). The secondary education final grade counts for 50% of the application score, the high-level math exam contributes 35% of the application score, and the personal statement, CV, and English proficiency account for 15% of the application score.

We recommend an application score of 80% or higher. Note that if your secondary education final grade and high-level math exam grade combined are not above an average of 70%, your application will not be eligible for admission. Additionally, your Math exam grade must be equal or higher than 60%, in order to apply.

  1. Application form duly completed; Application Form_Undergraduate Business programs
  2. Copy of personal identification document or passport, which expressly sets out the applicant’s nationality;
  3. Transcript of the last two years;
  4. Copy of diplomas/education certificates/training, namely the qualification giving access to higher education in the country of origin or equivalent qualification;
  5. Curriculum Vitae
  6. Proof of proficiency in English;
  7. Copy of high-level math exam.

Note: In the event of admission, the applicant must submit/deliver the originals of the documents referred or certified copies thereof, by the control entity where the document was issued, until the registration period. The documents referred to in point 4) of the preceding paragraphs must be translated into Portuguese or English, if they are not issued in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish; and endorsed by the consular service or presented with an apostille (Hague convention) issued by the State Authority from which the document is original.

Applications for the International Bachelor in Business Administration must be submitted to the following email address [email protected]. Submitting the application form entails a non-refundable cost. The examination of the application begins upon receipt of payment of the application fee of 600 TND.

1st round Call for application to be announced in 08 January – 05 February, 2024

Competitiveness increases as applications are being evaluated and conditional offers are given. Therefore, we strongly advise you to submit your application, as soon as possible.

Once you submit your application, it undergoes an initial review by INODEV and then, in a second stage, is forwarded to the program director who will evaluate it to ensure that the program corresponds to your objectives and profile.

  • Interview with INODEV academic coordinator (Face-to-face): From January, 2024;

INODEV will notify you of the outcome of your application. In some cases, you may be asked to submit additional information. Applicants will obtain a formal response within 4 weeks after the end of the respective round. If you are accepted, INODEV will issue your conditional offer or acceptance letter. Then, we will contact you with information on pre-program preparation.

Please note that INODEV will help you prepare your visa application and find accommodation according to your preferences.

To register after accepting a conditional offer, you must comply with the scoring and documentation requirements listed in the conditional offer. At the time of registration, you will be emailed instructions for completing the following documents:

  • Provide the final secondary education certificate and High-level mathematics certificate;
  • Fill out the Enrollment form;
  • Submit a digital version of your vaccination card;
  • Pay the first monthly tuition fee.

Note that if the submitted documentation is considered ineligible, you will not be able to attend the International Undergraduate Programs.

We grant access to the world’s premier higher education in economics and management, with unparalleled levels of employability, which is within the reach of all students who have achieved the best academic results during their high school studies.

Scholarships are granted automatically and annually to outstanding students who demonstrate excellent academic performance.

TOP+ 2

2 years


Fee waiver: 18,50-20

TOP+ 1

1 year


Fee waiver: 18,00-18,49


1 year


Fee waiver: 17,50-17,99


1 year


Fee waiver: 17,00-17,49

  • TOP and MERIT scholarships are awarded automatically based on the Academic Average (60% High School Average and 40% Mathematics Exam);
  • Scholarship averages are announced each year at the same time as the admission results;
  • Students awarded the TOP + 2-year Merit Scholarship must maintain an overall average grade of 14.0/20 or higher during their first year, as well as passing 58.5 ECTS in the first year in order to maintain the scholarship in the second year.

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Once you complete a CLSBE program, you join CLSBE’s alumni network, an outstanding global community of talented leaders who will support you long-term.

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