Find the adventure you’ve been searching for.

What better way to add a serious helping of adventure to your life than by going abroad? Sure, you can find adventure at home, but the best adventure tours will exist far outside your comfort zone. Surfing at Nazare’s biggest surfable waves on the planet? Ziplining through one of the world’s largest fantasticable in Portugal? Biking in the Azores best cycling destinations in Europe? Meeting whales in the most beautiful whale watching destination in Europe? The ideal adventure will leave you smarter, more fulfilled, more worldly, and (of course) wanting more. Here’s everything you need to know to have the adventure of a lifetime abroad!

Adventure travel is a type of meaningful travel that revolves around exploration, whether that be the adrenaline-junkie type (like bungee jumping and hang-gliding) or the slower, more intentional type (like homestays and cultural immersion).

Typically speaking, adventure tourism activities include a physically challenging element, cultural exchange, and/or the opportunity to get up close and personal with Mother Nature herself.

During the adventure, you will challenge your mind and body in a safe, comfortable, and pleasant environment. You will discover nooks and crannies of a new region, new culture, and a new society where you will make new friends. Through a variety of activities and experiences ADVENTURE will foster cultural exchange, will develop self-confidence, and certainly will bring an unforgettable experience and life-long memories!

Adventure Travel Programs.