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 Duration 5, 6, 7 or more days

Age of Student 11 – 18 years old

group student inodev Group 15+ students

Language English, French

Format Tour package

Place Portugal

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Every week brings a fresh adventure, filled with unique moments bathed in sunshine, the warmth of friendship, contagious laughter, and a plethora of activities – from the traditional to the thrilling. It’s the people, the fun-loving guides, and the wide array of activities that weave the enchantment, the personal flair, and the finesse into each week. You won’t believe how fantastic these weeks are!

Get ready for a water wonderland with activities like canoeing, floats, banana boating, and fly fishing. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, we’ve got High Ropes, Low Ropes, the heart-pounding 3G Swing, a thrilling slide, and challenging rock climbing. Plus, we’ve got inflatables, nighttime games, and so much more! You name it, and we’ve got a world of exciting activities waiting just for you.

Program 5 or more days

We love organizing School Camps, Study Visits, and Final Year Trips that run all year long! That’s right, no need to wait for the perfect season. Our school programs are designed to be as unique as you are, tailored to your preferences. No matter your age or the number of participants, we’re here to help you craft the ultimate program, whether it’s winter or summer.

Join us, and together, we’ll embark on incredible adventures, conquer challenges, and make memories to cherish with the INODEV family!

Encourage your teacher to pick the program and duration that perfectly fits your group’s size and age. INODEV School Trips offer a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the bond within your class.

Get ready for a thrilling ride filled with adventures, teamwork, and the excitement of conquering challenges. Our programs are packed with adrenaline-pumping experiences and valuable new knowledge – all designed to make your journey unforgettable!

FUN & LEARN – beyond innovation, are a new paradigm.

Blend your Student Trip with our Junior University program, and get ready for an extraordinary experience like never before!

school trip

How it works?

Join our School Trip for a fantastic adventure that lasts 5 days or more! You’ll enjoy an all-inclusive experience with our friendly team by your side every step of the way. These programs are specially crafted for groups of 15 or more participants, aged between 11 and 18.

Get ready for an unforgettable journey!


  • Activities as per the chosen program, along with the necessary equipment.
  • Ongoing (24h a day) supervision by our monitors.
  • English speaking staff.
  • Accommodation in dorms, bungalows, or ClubHotels.
  • Bed linen.
  • Meals, which cover lunch, afternoon and evening snacks, dinner, and breakfast.
  • Personal accident and liability insurance.
  • Local transportation for all participants.

Advantages of school trip

School trip foster environmental contact, peer interaction, and overcoming obstacles in a fun and informal setting. Participants learn about the environment, themselves, and peers, developing skills in questioning, reflection, evaluation, and cooperation.

Sharing, closeness, and overcoming fears are inherent in school trip activities.


camp facilities_inodevExperience excellence like never before at our Camps, boasting unparalleled facilities in all of Europe. We’re here to create a one-of-a-kind environment just for you!

We offer top-notch facilities that include dining rooms, fully-equipped kitchens designed to meet hotel standards, covered porches, comfortable bedrooms, cozy lounges, lively disco, screening rooms, well-equipped workshops, bakery, laundry areas, additional dining spaces, and convenient toilets.

We take pride in our diverse facilities, featuring lush soccer pitches, exciting aqua park, refreshing swimming pools, serene picnic areas, educational farms, thrilling paintball fields, engaging tree climbing structures, a variety of slides and mini-slides, challenging Low Ropes obstacles, exciting Team Swing, impressive High Ropes structures, multi-activity towers with climbing and slide routes, spacious amphitheater, well-equipped infirmary, convenient shops, and private parking areas.

Safety and medical care

We prioritize the safety of children and teenagers at the core of our operations. Rigorous supervision, robust security measures, and comprehensive safety procedures are seamlessly integrated into all activities. Our specialized staff ensures compliance with regulatory requirements at our facilities, featuring limited entrances, secure fencing, video surveillance, and fire control systems for enhanced safety. Pools are strictly fenced with continuous monitoring.

To ensure your complete peace of mind, participants enjoy comprehensive backpaker travel insurance, providing protection during road trips and adventures in Portugal and Europe. This coverage goes beyond medical insurance for a wide range of adventure sports. For paragliding, participants have extra personal accident and liability insurance. The backpaker insurance policy covers the following:

Emergency medical expenses
  up to €1 million
Personal accident
  up to €18,000
Personal baggage
   up to €2,500
Adventure sports
  Adventure sports covered by this policy are: athletics, gym activities, cycle touring, curling, hiking, jogging, ball games, beach games and camping activities, kayaking, swimming, orienteering, paddle surfing, fishing, snowshoeing, segway, hiking, snorkelling, trekking up to 5. 400 meters altitude, mountain biking, shooting sports / small game, cross-country skiing, jet skiing, snowmobiling, sailing, paintball, skating, canoeing, Tibetan bridge, climbing wall, 4×4 routes, survival, surfing and windsurfing, zip-lining, sledging in ski resorts, dog sledding (mushing), equestrian tourism, airsolf, canyoning, diving and underwater activities at depths of less than 40 meters, bulder up to 8 meters high, horse riding, sport climbing, fencing, caving at depths of less than 150 meters, water skiing, fly surfing, hydrobob, hydrospeed, kite surfing, canoeing, white water, psicobloc up to 8 meters high, quad biking, rafting, abseiling, bungee jumping, organized balloon trips and any other similar activities.
Search and rescue
  up to €15,000
Civil liability
  up to €60,000
Legal advice and expenses
  up to €3,000
  up to €2,000 (optional)

| Please carefully review the insurance policy before finalizing your booking to understand the provided coverage levels, especially regarding any pre-existing medical conditions within your school trip group. We suggest emailing insurance details to all participants (and, if under 18, their parents or guardians) at the time of booking to ensure everyone is aware of the complete terms of coverage.

Our camp features a 24/7 first aid office, and our monitors are trained to handle “superficial” cases. For more serious situations, we ensure prompt hospital care, where pediatric services have received high praise.

Please inform us of any medications, diseases, or disabilities for us to take necessary precautions. Various situations like the birth of a sibling or specific health concerns may impact your child’s stay, so sharing such details helps us provide the best support. Rest assured, all information is kept confidential and handled with the utmost sensitivity


accommodation_school tripParticipants stay in the resort, grouped by school, gender, and age. There’s a designated time for bedtime, typically between 10 pm and 10:30 pm, depending on the night’s activities.

The rooms follow a dormitory system, offering a cozy atmosphere with capacities of 4, 6, 8, and 12 participants. Each room is equipped with individual lockers, showers, and toilets for enhanced privacy. Central heating and hot water ensure comfort.

After a day of activities, a restful night’s sleep awaits to recharge your expended energy.


restaurant_school tripOur nutritionist-approved menus prioritize participants’ tastes, featuring a daily balance of fish and meat while avoiding fried foods. We receive fresh deliveries directly to the camp to maintain food quality. Our kitchen and service staff adhere to legislation requirements with proper food handling training. Please inform us of any student allergies or intolerances during booking to ensure appropriate meal preparation.

Participants enjoy 5 daily meals, including lunch, afternoon and evening snacks, dinner, and breakfast.

Teacher area

We understand the weight of organizing trips beyond the school premises, yet providing young individuals with such experiences has never been more crucial. This is why we ensure all necessary conditions for you and your students to relish unforgettable outings.

We offer you exclusive conditions:

Personalized assistance
with a trip manager
Free lodging, meals
  for 1 teacher per 20 participants
Balanced programs
  tailored for your school’s needs
We ensure safety
  boosting your trip confidence
Overnight stay
  in private en suite room
Free WiFi

What to bring

Participants must bring comfortable clothes, sportswear, and outdoor shoes, along with warm attire for evening activities. Additionally, they should pack a bottom sheet, sleeping bag, pillowcase, raincoat (if adverse weather is expected), boots, sneakers, an extra pair of shoes, socks, pajamas, swimwear, towels for the pool, flip-flops, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a toiletries bag (including shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.). Don’t forget to bring a flashlight as well.

Participants are advised to bring their belongings properly identified.

What to not bring

Do not bring electronic devices (iPad, eBooks, iPods) or valuables to ensure your child enjoys free time and socializes with others. Prohibited items include lighters, fireworks, knives, and games. Smoking, drinking alcohol are also not allowed. All valuables (camera, cell phone, money, or similar items) are handed over to the coordinator on the first day. If left in the participant’s custody (only applicable to mp3s and money, excluding cell phones), the coordinator is not responsible for their loss.

INODEV is not responsible for any damage or theft during the stay.

Ways to contact your child

In school trip, contact your child daily between 7 pm and 7:30 pm using the provided cell phone or the coordinator’s contact. Please note that the cell phone timetable may change based on daily activities.

Possession of a cell phone outside the permitted period results in the participant being asked to leave camp without a refund.

Irregular behavior

Dangerous or violent objects and actions are strictly prohibited. The pedagogical team will collectively decide on appropriate measures in response to such behavior. Anomalous behavior, defined as any deviation from normality causing concern among the team or discomfort among participants, may jeopardize the camp’s smooth operation.

The team will communicate the rules to all participants initially, and parents/guardians will be informed of any concerning behavior. In severe cases, the team reserves the right to send the participant home, with a 24-hour pickup window, and no refund. Less serious cases will be addressed and sanctioned by the pedagogical team council.

Visa process

We enjoy a close and special connection with the Portuguese embassy, ensuring a privileged support.

We handle visa application for participants.

How to book?

  • Request information
  • First Deposit
  • Confirmation Pack
  • Passport & Visa
  • Second Deposit
  • Trip Pack

We prioritize reliability and trust in our service. Our streamlined booking system simplifies the organization of your next school ski trip, minimizing administrative tasks for you. This grants more time to promote the tour to your students.

Count on us to ensure a stress-free experience in running your school trip. We offer guidance on ideal programs, tailor activities, provide detailed trip quotes, and promotional tools. Follow six simple steps to book and get ready for your school’s unforgettable trip.

Step 1

Request information via our form, you will be sent detailed instructions.

Step 2

Fill and send the booking form with your initial deposit to confirm your school’s reservation. We’ll also need your students’ full names as on their passports, as well as their nationalities.

Step 3

After booking, you will be sent a confirmation pack containing useful information including insurance policy (where applicable).

Step 4

Ensure all students obtain correct passport and visa documents (if applicable).

Step 5

Second deposit is to be paid within four weeks of the first deposit.

Step 6

You’ll receive your final trip package, containing all details required.

Have a fantastic trip

If you have any questions we are just on the other end of the phone.



Cinema; Contest; Crazy Laughs; Dance; Festivals; Football; Friends; Karaoke; Living Room Games; Music; Parties; Ping-Pong; Reading; Snooker; Theater; TV.


Archery; Laser Tag; Paintball.


BTT; Climbing; Escape Games; Hanging Bridge; Hiking; Himalaya Bridge; Idiana Jones; Jeep Ride; Orientation; Sensory Games; Team Building; Treasure Hunt; Via Ferrata.


Bungee; Paragliding; Rappelling; Reverse Bungee; Ziplining.


Aqua Hiking; Aquatic Park; Canyoning; Kayaking; Kitesurfing; Raft Building; Surfing; Wing Surfing.


Ice Hockey; Ice Skating; Skiing; Snowboarding; Snowshoeing; Snow Donut.



Cinema; Contest; Crazy Laughs; Dance; Festivals; Football; Friends; Karaoke; Living Room Games; Music; Parties; Ping-Pong; Reading; Snooker; Theater; TV.


Archery; Laser Tag; Paintball.


BTT; Climbing; Escape Games; Hanging Bridge; Hiking; Himalaya Bridge; Idiana Jones; Jeep Ride; Orientation; Sensory Games; Team Building; Treasure Hunt; Via Ferrata.


Bungee; Paragliding; Rappelling; Reverse Bungee; Ziplining.


Aqua Hiking; Aquatic Park; Canyoning; Kayaking; Kitesurfing; Raft Building; Surfing; Wing Surfing.


Ice Hockey; Ice Skating; Skiing; Snowboarding; Snowshoeing; Snow Donut.


Awsome Trip

A fantastic trip specially crafted for your school.

Exciting Activities

Fresh thrilling adventure, warmth of friendship, contagious laughter.

Stunning Landscape

Immerse yourself in wonderful landscapes nestled between breathtaking flora and fauna.

Prime Facilities

Safe and first-class installations, comfortable resort, nutritionist-approved menus.

All-risk Insurance

Enjoy comprehensive backpaker travel insurance for a wide range of adventure sports.

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