Our goal is to help you find your interns by matching your criteria to the right profiles. By using INODEV’s network, your company gains access to a large network of students with large variety of profiles and specializations that will certainly meet your expectations.

At INODEV, we have perfected our skills throughout the years and we have a team of experts that are in charge of selecting and coaching candidates for you. You will have an account manager that is dedicated to promoting your internship position and finding your future intern, and you can be assured that you will receive the appropriate candidates that will best suit your needs.

Enjoy our network of specialized students.

In order to help you recruit your future interns, we ask only one thing: your reactivity. Our teams are in constant contact with you to understand your needs and determine which profiles are the most suitable. We are available to answer all your questions via telephone, email. We are committed to getting back to you as quickly as possible. While providing all this service, we only request from our partners to be as reactive as we are in finding your future intern.

By accepting one of our candidates, you are participating in our mission to connect different cultures and improve intercultural communication and experience. INODEV offers an international program helping students grow, learn and develop their careers throughout experience.

We have a customized follow-up for each candidate, allowing them to successfully fit in and flourish in your company.

In order to guarantee fast deliverables for you and for the candidate, our services extend to VisaExpress kit from the beginning until the visa delivery and we handle candidate’s accommodation.

Where will internship

abroad take you?