The world as your classroom.

Attending classes is only part of the education. Living in lively and exciting cities around the world provide a great environment for you to practice your language skills while immersing yourself in the local culture.

Besides the fact that multilingual professionals with a qualifying education often earn more money in the workforce, the likelihood of scoring an international job (or gig that pays you to travel the world) is pretty high.

Language learning also exercises our brain, improves our memory, and open doors to cross-cultural understanding. Learn more about the benefits of learning multiple languages.

Most universities organize for foreigners language and culture programs for one or two semesters and shorter intensive language programs. However, taking  language training before you leave your home country will prepare you for a rapid flourishing cultural immersion abroad.

Language immersion programs may enable you to gain a level of understanding and appreciation of culture and language that isn’t normally available when learning a new language.

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will bring you right in the heart of the community and culture, and teaches you situational colloquialisms that a language textbook could never fully explain.

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