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At the behest is committed mentor and counselor who would leave no stone unturned to ensure that a student once enrolled with INODEV is successful not only in landing in his university of choice but also develops the quality of understanding his goals, priorities and the LIFE at large. Innovative Methods of coaching, excellent ambience of learning and above all a supremely satisfied student with exemplary academic pathway abroad are the hallmarks of the mentor.

The counselor, with sound experience in international education, embodies thorough knowledge of the universities and countries.

He identifies the key strengths as well as the weakness of the student. Then provides an enthralling career options (which many are unaware) depending on the caliber of the wards, without compromising on the quality of the education and in the budget of the parents, and motivates student and parents.

All-in-all it will be an experience worth rejoicing and recounting innumerable times.

We render three mentoring service packages that will guarantee your success abroad: Discovery HARBOR, Rising HARBOR, and Shiny HARBOR.

We have already helped realized many dreams and the count is only increasing by the day.

Mentoring services.

Be prepared, you will outperform expectation.

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