Business Institute

Get an insider’s view of running a business.


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# SUMMER 2022

Who Can Apply? 10th – 13th grade students

Duration 1 week, full-time

Language English

Format On campus

Place Portugal

Certification Official University Certificate

How does a company work? What aspects should I take into account? How important are aspects such as alignment, motivation and innovation?

Why this program?

Are you interested in how companies work?

The Business Institute is an initiative of INODEV, which consists of a set of inspirational debates, masterclasses and daily resolution of challenges, aimed at students in the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th grades. This initiative intends to contribute to the education of students in a privileged international environment for discussion and critical thinking.

This business bootcamp ends with a certificate of achievement – an excellent example of your proven management interest in one of the best business schools in Europe. / Practical and personalized feedback on your work and recommendations on how to challenge yourself. / A letter of recommendation (for students who match the criteria of the program board) – an invaluable asset for future university applications and internships/work experience. / Essential skills for a successful future, such as critical thinking, teamwork, and public speaking.

With The Business Institute I will gain an insider’s view of the management of a business. / I will learn about the main economic concepts including finance, human resources, management, marketing, and operations. / I will acquired skills to solving real-world business problems. / I will contact experienced faculty, experts in their areas of knowledge, and stay abreast of concepts such as business plan marketing strategystartupinnovation or design thinking.

Who is it for?

The Business Institute is aimed at high school students who are attending the 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th grade of schooling.

This initiative will only be open to participants participants previously selected by INODEV.


The Business Institute’s training programs will take place in different cities in Portugal, in top-ranked business schools and universities in the world, such as Porto Business School (one of the best business schools in Europe, ranked 66).


We keep learners at the center of the design process by innovatively using active learning.



Small groups & exceptional classes that allow students to gain management skills.



Masterclasses of experts and experienced faculty in different areas.



Application of what is learned through intensive case resolution.



Business Institute

Topics covered

Macro and Microeconomics. / Fundamentals of Economic Policy. / Growth and Economic Development. / International Economics and International Economic Relations.

Economic aspects affecting the economy of the company, both in terms of its operational activity and in terms of strategic management

It is essential to understand the tools and techniques that enable leaders to lead complex decision-making processes with critical thinking.

Framework for analyzing and making complex decisions that incorporate different perspectives and exploring the key principles of behavioral decision science

Ideas, strategies and tools for thinking more creatively about talent management. / Discovery of best practices for growth and performance. / Learning how to optimize the effectiveness of people and team

Marketing and value creation. / Strategy in marketing: Targeting, positioning and brand. Marketing mix: product service, price, distribution and communication.

Demand Stimulation Strategies. / Relational Marketing. / Marketing Planning

Business model innovation can create a competitive advantage 25 times greater than product and process innovation. Yet only 17% of companies have invested in evaluating their business model design.

While we observe that more and more companies understand the importance of business model innovation, they still have difficulty translating high-level business model concepts into practical techniques and tools when designing or redesigning a business.

In this masterclass a holistic approach to business models will be taken.

Ready to start

your journey?

High school students (10th, 11th, 12th, or 13th) can apply to the Business Institute.

  1. Application form duly completed; Application Form_Junior University
  2. Copy of passport [minimum validity 6 months];
  3. Personal portrait photograph;
  4. Transcripts of the 1st and 2nd semester (Academic year 2021/2022);
  5. Copy of parent’s ID card;
  6. Recommendation letter.

Note: Following submission of the application, the applicant will receive instructions to finalize the registration, namely the payment of the registration fee.

Applications for the Business Institute Program must be submitted to the following email address with the subject First name last name_Business Institute.

The participation in the Business Institute depends on an application and, after selection, the payment of the registration fee and the accommodation (includes all meals, teaching materials, school insurance and recreational activities). The Business Institute requires compulsory accommodation for all selected students, recreating an intensive specialized course environment.

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