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There’s no place like home. Especially abroad, where everything is different. Let’s face it—finding housing is enough of a hassle back home; the idea of having to search for accommodation abroad has every right to fill a student with more dread than any calculus exam could ever do. Who wants to worry about long-term contracts, lease agreements, deposits, landlords, roommates, and housing conditions—in a country you have never even been to?

No one wants to stress about international bank transfers and lease guarantees when they are still trying to figure out currency conversions and new ABC’s.

You’re not the first frustrated, nervous traveler trying to figure out how to find housing abroad.

Other people have been in the same shoes, decided it really sucks, and came up with all sorts of easy-to-use alternatives, so that you can dedicate more time and energy to worrying about packing lists and last-minute to-do-at-home-things, rather than being homeless. Now, with a few clicks of a button, the travel accommodations of your choice can be waiting for you at the end of a yellow brick road.

We render three accommodation service packages that will guarantee your soft-landing: Exceed, Delight, and Amaze.

Accommodation services.

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University involvement in accommodation is not just useful for attracting students; it also influences student success, student retention rates, and student satisfaction with their international experience. Scientific studies published in the USA by “the Association of College & University Housing Officers – International” have shown that there is a direct link between academic success and living arrangements. The way students live has become a field of study in its own right. A student’s residential setting is an important environmental factor, and research

demonstrates that living on campus is associated with such benefits as improved academic performance, higher rates of persistence, and better social and academic adjustment.

Across years Scientists, sociologists and economists have looked more closely at the impact of a student’s diet and nutrition on academic and behavioral outcomes.  Researchers generally find that a higher quality diet is associated with better performance.

On a scientific basis, we strive ourselves to offer YOU the most ample selection of services that will guarantee your soft-landing after an international mobility. Our three all-inclusive accommodation packages are designed to offer you the comfort you deserve to FOCUS on your project. All our packages include accommodation in university residence and diet and nutrition in university restaurants (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

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